United States Information Agency

12 internationally broadcast documentaries, 1970-1977

Produced and directed by Peter Rosen Productions, Inc. for worldwide distribution by USIA to over 100 countries.

Such as the following:


National Science Foundation, 1980 20 minute educational film on the Monsoon in India and Malaysia. Filmed in these countries before and during the monsoons of 1979.

CINE Golden Eagle, 1981

IFPA Cindy Award, 1981

VENICE, First Prize


Sunset Crater
National Park Service, 1979 The volcanic eruption 900 years ago in Northern Arizona.

CINE Golden Eagle, 1979

Blue Ribbon, American Film Festival, 1979

Gold Medal, New York Film and Television Festival, 1979


The Seventh Service
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 1978 Illustrates the various functions of NOAA personnel throughout the world; on land, in the air, at sea, and underwater.

Gold Medal, New York Film and Television Festival, 1978

CINE Golden Eagle, 1978

Finalist, American Film Festival, 1978

First Places in numerous Foreign Festivals on the Environment


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: After Our Baby Died
HEW, 1976 Acquaints the medical profession with the problems faced by S.I.D.S. parents. A personal portrait of a couple who has lost their child to this unknown disease.

Gold Plaque, Chicago International Film Festival, 1976

Blue Ribbon, American Film Festival, 1976

CINE Golden Eagle, 1976

First Place, John Muir Medical Film Festival, 1976


United States Information Agency, 1975 Catholicism in the United States today as seen through the celebration of the Mass by various ethnic groups, throughout the country.

CINE Golden Eagle

First Place Medal, Bilboa Film Festival (Spain)

Religious Heritage of America Citation

First Prizes — Edinburgh, Valladolid, Venice Festivals

First Prize, USA Film Festival, Dallas


The Sacraments
United States Information Agency, 1974 The Eastern Orthodox Church in the U.S. as seen through the seven sacraments from birth to death.

Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge George Washington Honor Medal, 1975

CINE Golden Eagle, 1974